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KB20: Error 3075

Category: Mortgage Tracker | Updated: 21/01/2008 14:26:10 | Read: 3822 (Last: 19/09/2019 05:48:07)


SMT prompts an error shortly after logging in: 'Error 3075 Function Isn't Available in Expressions in Query Expression'.


This can be caused by the uninstall of another program that has removed a shared file that SMT needs to run.


It can be resolved by running the 'SMT-Fix' tool.

Download and run the 'smt-fix.exe' file below and follow the steps to apply.

If this issue is not resolved by running the fix tool, then please ensure you have the latest Microsoft Windows Updates by visiting the Microsoft Update Website and following the prompts. After the updates have been applied, please re-install SMT.

Please Note: If you are running Windows 2000, ME or 98 then please download and install the Service Pack 1 update for MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) to fix this issue:

Download and run the 'mdac_typ.exe' file below and follow the steps to apply.

If a printer is mentioned in the error message then it may be that your printer name contains invalid characters (an apostrophe for example). To fix this issue - right-click on your printer ('Control Panel' > 'Printers'), select 'Rename' and remove any apostrophes.

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