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KB3: MDW Relink Error

Category: Mortgage Tracker | Updated: 10/05/2007 12:57:36 | Read: 3600 (Last: 19/09/2019 05:47:39)


SMT reports an error when logging in: 'An error has occurred whilst connecting to the Mortgage Tracker database, the launcher will be reset ...etc'.


The SMT workgroup file (named 'mt.mdw') has been corrupted due to an error on the network. This can be caused by shutting down the 'Main/Server' PC (that holds the database) whithout allowing all users to log out first.


The file 'mt.mdw' located on the PC that holds the database has corrupted. To repair the file, simply locate and double click it. Microsoft Access will prompt you to repair the file.

The file 'mt.mdw' is normally located in the following directory on the 'Main/Server' PC: 'c:\solidata\mortgage tracker\data files'.

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