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KB35: Backup

Category: Mortgage Tracker | Updated: 08/08/2006 10:35:37 | Read: 4272 (Last: 19/09/2019 05:45:43)


Backing up your Mortgage Tracker data.


You need to backup your Mortgage Tracker data to protect against a PC hard drive failure, virus activity, other hardware/software fault, theft, fire or other incident which may occur rendering your data lost or partially corrupt and unusable.


Decide when to backup, ideally this should be done every day. Keep a record of if and when the backup has been carried out. The backup should also be created/copied to a disk that is not kept on the company premises at night for obvious reasons.

The safest and most reliable method of backing up your data is to use a USB/flash disk key drive. They are small and some can hold many backups at a time depending on the amount of disk space available (MB).

To backup, click 'Backup & Restore' from the Main Menu and then click 'Backup'. You will then be prompted where to save the file.

The backup file contains a snapshot of all of your client/prospect, process and company information together.

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