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KB36: Restore

Category: Mortgage Tracker | Updated: 10/05/2007 12:27:21 | Read: 3737 (Last: 19/09/2019 05:47:14)


Restoring your Mortgage Tracker data.


You need to restore your Mortgage Tracker data because of a PC hard drive failure, virus activity, other hardware/software fault, theft, fire or other incident which has occurred rendering your data lost or partially corrupt and unusable.


A backup of your data should have been created - you will need this file to restore your data and any record changes made since the backup will be lost.

Install the full version of the software on the new PC from disk or from the website, this will install a blank database and you will need the default username and password 'Manager' to get into the Main Menu.

To restore, click 'Backup & Restore' from the Main Menu and then click 'Restore'. You will then be prompted for the location of the backup file and where to overwrite the database. The usual path for the database is 'c:\solidata\mortgage tracker\data files\mt.mdb'.

Once the backup has been restored you should restart Mortgage Tracker and you will need to register the new URN with us in order to unlock the software again.

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