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KB38: Disk or Network Error

Category: Mortgage Tracker | Updated: 24/11/2006 11:35:28 | Read: 3949 (Last: 19/09/2019 05:44:54)


SMT prompts an error either whilst logging into the database or sometimes whilst the database is already open. The error 'Disk or Network Error' is displayed and SMT may close itself down.


The database connection has been lost. This can be due to a restart of the 'Main/Server' PC holding the database, a damaged or faulty network cable/connection or if using a wireless network - the signal strength or quality maybe poor or there is interference.


If the problem has been the result of restarting the 'Main/Server' PC holding the database, you should ensure that everyone is logged out of SMT before doing so in future.

If the Main/Server PC has not been restarted a faulty network connection can normally be diagnosed by a notification such as 'A Network Cable Is Unplugged' or 'Wireless Connection Unavailable' on the problem PC. Both of these messages mean the connection to the network has been lost and there could be data loss if the problem is not rectified.

A quick fix to network problems is to try resetting the router or switch. You can also try to remove and reconnect the network cable or replace the cable if it has been damaged. If you are using a wireless connection however, you can check the signal strength by double-clicking the icon in the notification area (bottom right-hand corner).

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