Solidata Salary Sacrifice Calculator Offer

Offer your existing clients a potentially large increase in their personal pension contribution without costing them or their employer a penny more.

This newly developed software has full online client database functionality and performs the calculations required for salary sacrifice based on your clients’ current or proposed monthly pension contribution.

For more information and to register, please visit our SalSac website.

Mortgage Tracker v2.20
This release includes the ability to assign clients a priority level and perform searches based on multiple criteria options.

New reports regarding client wills and unpaid fees have also been added.

Please visit the Downloads page for information on how to update your version of the software.

Mortgage Tracker Online
Why not convert over to the online system?

Enable access to your Solidata Mortgage Tracker™ database from any location with a broadband Internet connection.

For more information and to upgrade, please visit our Track Mortgage website.