Transform data into intelligence

Solidata specialises in providing efficient and reliable insights into your company’s performance based on your everyday data.

Focus on Your Company’s Needs

We can provide you with solutions, independently of the size of your enterprise and whether you offer products or services. By making your data easy to comprehend, we can help you better understand your company’s weaknesses and strengths in order to build effective strategies.

All our data, graphics and views are interactive, exportable and customisable, with ongoing maintenance provided to suit your business.

Our solutions

Client Tracking

» New client tracking
» Retention & Recurrence of clients
» Lost clients


Product Analytics

» Inventory administration
» Trends
» Popularity

Staff Management

» Productivity & Efficiency
» Goal management
» Attendance


» Cost management
» Revenue tracking
» Profit graphs


» Automated emails
» Mailing to clients
» Campaigns


» Client preferences
» Staff satisfaction
» Engagement